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Coombe Abbey

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Rothley Court

Thank you for your visit to Leicestershire wedding venues, here you can see weddings at all times of the year and at different times of the day and in many different weather conditions so Leicestershire wedding venues.co.uk should give you a very good idea of how your chosen wedding venue may look for your wedding Kethorpe Manor

Bawdon Lodge

Each of the Leicestershire wedding venues featured on this website has a wedding gallery showing the wedding venue featured with real weddings.Quorn Country Hotel

Althougth mostly Leicester wedding venues and Leicestershire wedding venues this site also features wedding venues just over the Leicestershire boarder for Derbyshire wedding venues, Nottinghamshire wedding venues, Warwickshire wedding venues, Northamptonshire wedding venues and Lincolnshire wedding venuesBrooksby Hall

This site does not feature every Leicestershire wedding venue however more will be added over time.

Please also remember that this wedding venue website only refers to the wedding side of the various Leicestershire wedding venues although each wedding venue may also offer many other services such as private parties, conferences and other fine dining ect

Kirby Castle


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