Leicestershire wedding photography by Leicester wedding photographer Bill Haddon Visit Photography by Bill Haddon here

Most of Bills wedding photography is within Leicestershire itself but he will also nip across the Leicestershire border to carry out wedding photography in surrounding counties for wedding venues in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire,Northamptonshire,and Lincolnshire

An experienced Leicester wedding photographer Bill has photographed weddings at most of the Leicestershire wedding venues
Bawdon Lodge Farm

Bill has been a professional wedding photographer since 1995 and only shoots weddings.

He always aims to maintain his wedding photography at a very high standard and to do this will  limit how many weddings per year he will take on. And keeping local means that you will not be paying extras to cover travel costs.The best wedding photographers will individually access each and every photograph that they have taken at a wedding and then edit them down to the very best photographs and then further enhance each one separately after that. 

 On average the editing process can take around 30 hours to complete.

 Bill has 100s of wedding photos on view, every single photograph on this website is also one of Bills.

You can visit Bills other websites and Blog to view even more of his wedding photography


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